# Get Started

HexaEight provides an official Mobile Application which is available for FREE for Android as well as IOS.

In order to complete the operations described in this guide, you will first need to download the Mobile App and create your first Digital Token by registering your Email Id inside the App.

Since all operations will be tied to your Digital Token, you will need to create a Digital token that is associated with your Email Address

Note: It is possible to create and associate Digital Tokens for all your Email addresses using HexaEight Mobile Application.

If you are having an EMail address associated with a Group, then it is possible for everyone in the Email group to individually create a Digital token associated with the Group EMail Address

# Authentication Tokens

The following are the different types of Identity Tokens available under the Authentication Tokens tab inside an EMail Vault.

EMail Identity Token

This Identity token is required for most operations in order to verify the authenticity of your EMail address. In order to use this Token, you need to ensure that you set the correct password for the EMail Vault which was used when you registered for the EMail Token

Resource Identity Tokens

This Identity token is used when you want to assign a Resource name for a Server, HexaEight session or Instance of any program that needs to represent the resource. In order to use the Resource Token, you will also need to ensure to set the correct password for the EMail Vault where the token resides.

Captcha Tokens

This token is attached to a Token Server which is used to generate One Time Pass Codes to authenticate with the Token Server. These One Time Passwords are also used to implement Two-Factor Verification when integrating HexaEight Sessions