# Identity Token Assignment

In order to authenticate or communicate with users or machines using HexaEight Authentication, the resource owner who is a user needs to assign a identity for his resource. The resource owner will follow the process as outlined below:

%%{init: { 'theme': 'forest' } }%%
graph LR
    Resource-Owner-aka-User--> |Generates And Uses| EMail-Identity-Token
    EMail-Identity-Token -->|To Generate | Resource-Identity-Tokens
%%{init: { 'theme': 'forest' } }%%
graph LR
    Resource-Owner-aka-User -->|Uses  | Domain-Resource-Identity-Token 
    Resource-Owner-aka-User -->|Uses  | Generic-Resource-Identity-Token 
    Domain-Resource-Identity-Token  -->|To Generate | Domain-Resource-Login-Tokens
    Generic-Resource-Identity-Token  -->|To Generate | Generic-Resource-Login-Tokens 

HexaEight Provides two methods to generate Resource Login Tokens.

Method 1 (Newer Method): Use This Tool

  • This tool can run on various operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac, and Raspberry Pi devices. It generates a strong random password that is utilized to generate the login token

Method 2 (Older Method): Use This WebPage

  • This webpage enables you to enter your own password, and in turn generates a login token that you can copy and use in combination with the password on any host, machine, application or program which implements HexaEight Authentication

Upon successful generation of Resource Login Tokens, you will need to assign Login Tokens by using HexaEight Libraries, Executable modules or Plugin Modules

Each of the above options accept the Resource LoginToken, Resource Name, Resource Password And Rapid API Key in order to establish Resource Identity and communicate successfully with HexaEight Platform as well as other with other resources